Premier Ice Hockey League

Premier Ice Hockey League

6v6 OTP Hockey League
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 Lobby Structure

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PostSubject: Lobby Structure   Sun Aug 05, 2012 1:55 am

The PIHL Constructs all of its functions whether it be Games and/or Scouting Combines under the Lounges Section of the Community Lobby's unless informed otherwise you are to report there for your games, practices, scouting dates, etc.

-Game Lobby's are to be put up 5 mins til game time

-They are to be named as follows (EX: PIHL CHIvCOL)

-The Universal Password for all PIHL Lobbys other than Pickup hockey is (PIHL)

-If a team needs a bit extra time to get their team organized or into the lobby they may ask for 15 extra mins.

-All games must start by no later than 20 mins after the Scheduled time.

-If the 20 min mark strikes (unless agreed by both ends) the team who is unprepared or not ready will ultimatly forfeit the game.

-Unless it is questions about whether a team is ready or not to play or a question about the game the only players that should be utilizing the chat box are the Owner's, GM's, and or stand-in Captains/Team Leader's if the Owner/GM is abscent from that game.

-The Home team is the host of the game and lobby as part of their home ice advantage they are given that privelage. As they are given that privelage, the away team may choose what home team player they wish to host the game itself.

-Teams are permitted to request a new host one time by the end of the 1st period which the game would be treated as a skater lagout, teams get stats, backout and start the game up with 1st period acting as 2nd etc. If the game proceeds into the second period than teams may no longer request a new host.
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Lobby Structure
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