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Premier Ice Hockey League

6v6 OTP Hockey League
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 Computer Player Rules

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PostSubject: Computer Player Rules   Sun Aug 05, 2012 1:58 am

-As this is a 6v6 league designed to utilize 6 user players for each team on the ice at all times there are still times you will find yourself alongside or face to face with a CPU player.

-The ONLY time a CPU player is allowed to score for your team is in the result or the opposing teams goalie fighting one of your players or if your goalie leaves the net for the extra attacker. If someone lags out or whatever else may happpen the CPU player is not allowed to score the goal will not count and neither will you assists you may get.

-If you find yourself face to face with a computer you are NOT and I said NOT in anyway shape or form allowed to utilize a glitch deke and or shot on a computer player. It is to be treated as though it is a user player. (NO fake slapshot glitch, high slot curve shot glitch, tight post glitch, etc.) If you utilize one of the many glitches on a CPU player the goal will not count
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Computer Player Rules
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