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 In-Game Restrictions

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PostSubject: In-Game Restrictions   Sun Aug 05, 2012 2:13 am


Spaming: Faceoff button mashing is not permitted in the league. If a player jumps to early repeatedly in real hockey they are switched out by the referee for another player on their team to take the faceoff. Since the ref does not do that on this game it is simply not permitted. If you miss time the faceoff thats one thing but if your caught spaming the draw you will be suspended.

Walk Deke: No player is permitted to preform the walk deke faceoff in the offensive zone you are welcomed to do it in the defensive zone and neutral zone but not in the offensive zone.

Shot Block/Diving

Shot Block: No player is permitted to shot block in the offensive zone for any reason. from center ice to the defensive zone it is perfectly exceptable to take a pass away. Defenders are not permitted to use it as a means of striping the puck off a forward. If you wish to use it to block a shot thats fine but if you are caught using it to counter a deke or just to strip the puck you will be suspended.

Diving: Diving is not permitted in the offensive zone if you wish to use it in the neutral zone or defensive zone than my all means do but NOT in the offensive zone.

Wrap Arounds

Wrap Arounds are permitted to be utilized to an extent they have to be complete full net wrap arounds. NO QUICK WRAPS - what this means is you are not permitted to get on the back corner of the net and tuck it from the that corner. (EX: say your coming in from the left side and your about to go behind the net but as you get to the back corner of the net you preform the wrap motion... this is not permitted as if you watch replays the puck 90% of the time glitches through the goalies foot which is not realistic at all.

Back Skating: You are allowed to back skate away from the opositions net but you are NOT permitted to glitch back skate towards your oppenants net from any zone if you are caught doing this you will, as you would with every other broken rule, be suspended.

Hip Check/Shot Block, Diving (cont)

You are not permitted to remain in one of these animations for more than 2 sec. If you do again you will be suspended.
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In-Game Restrictions
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